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The National Dental Centre offers all types of high quality dental fillings using latest technology by expert cosmetic dental surgeon.

Cavities, Restoration of tooth, Tooth Decay, Laser tooth filling, Esthetic filling, Cosmetic filling



Composite or tooth colored fillings are the most commonly used fillings these days. Tooth colored fillings are used to restore a tooth structure, thereby enabling you to maintain your beautiful smile.

Advantages of tooth colored fillings-

  • Aesthetically acceptable
  • Less removal of tooth structure
  • More comfortable, because they don’t conduct heat and cold like metal filling do.
  • It can also be used to restore broken,or chip off tooth. Helps in tooth recontouring.
  • Non toxic


These fillings are also tooth colored with the main advantage of releasing a component called fluoride into the oral cavity, which protects the tooth from further decay. Ideal for fillings of primary teeth, cervical cavities (abrasions)

However, this material is weaker than composite and is more susceptible to wear fracture fracture.


Dental amalgam fillings have the advantage of strength to withstand masticatory forces and durability which makes it last for atleast 10-15 years if done properly. Along with the above benefits, silver fillings are less costly than tooth colored fillings.

The silver color of the filling is one of the major drawbacks of these fillings, due to which the filling looks unaesthetic as the color does not match that of the tooth. These fillings require removal of healthy tooth structure also in order to provide enough space for the tooth to hold the filling. Very rarely, amalgam fillings cause allergic reactions due to the mercury content in it.


Similar to silver fillings, gold fillings have similar advantage of strength to withstand masticatory forces and durability which makes it last for atleast 10-15 years if done properly. These fillings are technique sensitive due to which expertise is required in doing these fillings. They give a yellow-gold color which is sometimes more appealing to the patient as compared to silver fillings.

Definitely, these fillings are more expensive as compared to the other fillings. Along with the high cost and technique sensitivity, the other reason for these fillings not being preferred is its color which is not the same as the natural tooth.

Care after fillings

Teeth with fillings should be treated as natural teeth and care should be taken as for natural teeth without any fillings. Careful brushing twice a day, flossing atleast once a day and regular dental check ups are a must. In case you feel the tooth with filling has become sensitive, is cracked or has a sharp edge, consult your dentist for it.